Sunday, August 05, 2012

Motorola Corvair comes back to the rumor mill after almost 9 months of absence

The Motorola Corvair made a quick appearance around the inter webs last November. The easily-forgettable tablet has been hiding under the blankets ever since, making us think that the project could have been canceled. The 6-inch device has made an epic come-back almost 9 months since its first leak. This time courtesy of a Verizon FIOS survey, which states that this device “may be available in the future.”
The Motorola Corvair would run Android 2.3 and work as a controller for Verizon’s FIOS TV offerings. Users would also be able to stream some TV channels, and past rumors indicate that the tablet would be able to control certain Home Automation services.
Not much else is known, and the survey is not revealing any other details about the product’s features. But at least we know the project hasn’t been relinquished. A tablet that works well with a TV provider’s system would be ideal. At this point, it is much more enticing to go with Google Fiber and its Nexus 7 offer, but we must consider Verizon’s coverage is very well extended. Google is only offering its internet and TV services in one city.
Maybe we will see the Corvair again soon… or maybe never. Only time will tell.
[Source: Engadget]

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